The Dwarf

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The West Connection Limited Company

West Connection Limited is is a publishing and distribution company of interactive entertainment products (mostly video games)! Our company has been in the market for several years now, showing only success and great results. Creative ideas, unique design and fascinating stories is what we prioritize when we make our games, to keep the players happy and interested. Our main platforms of distribution are Steam, Play Store and App Store.

West Connection Limited has a team of dedicated and creative people. The team is skilled at creating assets, scripts, graphics and sounds that are mobile-friendly and highly optimized. We are very qualified and experienced with using various video game development engines, where we are able to develop native and cross-platform games. We carefully choose the right set of tools and technologies when developing a game, based on what platform we’re going to release the game to. We really care about each of our products, so we have a handful of dedicated people that will test the game’s performance, the gameplay, device compatibility, user interface, save and load, etc. Game testers work closely with our development team to ensure that we develop products by the highest quality standards. We are always focusing on progress, meaning we strive for the best every day!

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